Atletico’s Alvaro Morata considering abroad move over fan abuse

Atlético Madrid forward Álvaro Morata said he is considering playing abroad due to the abuse he and his family have received from fans.


Morata eyes abroad move

Morata, 31, was whistled by some of the fans at Bernabeu during Spain’s friendly with Brazil in March.

According to Morata, his family also received “threats and insults” over his performance with the national team.

“The easiest situation for me is not playing in Spain, because of what I have to experience when I go out into the street in this country,” Morata said.

“For me the easiest situation would be to go and play abroad. Often my children, who are five years old, don’t understand why people are so angry at their father.”

“The easiest thing last summer would have been to leave Atlético. I had better offers financially, from big teams, but I want to win things with Atlético. When I see how people react to our games, to be honest the easiest thing would be to go and play abroad.”

Last big tournament with Spain

Morata has scored 35 goals in 73 appearances for his country.

The former Real Madrid star also found the in Spain’s 5-1 friendly win over Northern Ireland on June 8.

Morata is the fourth highest goalscorer in the history of the Spanish national team — behind David Villa, Raul Gonzalez and Fernando Torres

The Red Fury will kick off their EURO 2024 campaign in Group B against Serbia on Sunday.

Morata said this edition of Euros might be his “last big tournament” with Spain.

“This could be my last big tournament with the National Team,” Morata said. “It’s the biggest thing that’s happened in my career, being here. But you have to think if it’s really worth it, matching Fernando’s or Raul’s [goal records], or really being well and being much happier. I think I play better with the national team outside of Spain, honestly.”

“I think there are a lot of Spaniards who want the National Team to do badly. In other countries that doesn’t happen. I don’t know why. In Italy, during the Euros, it’s full of Italy flags. It’s not politics, it’s football. If you like football and you’re Spanish, why don’t you want Spain to win?”