WATCH! Messi upset by Sergio Ramos’s tackle

Lionel Messi showed his frustration after PSG’s teammate Sergio Ramos’s harsh tackling during training.

Well, it’s an old and familiar view, but in totally different kits, as Mess and Ramos are now no longer rivals. It all started when the Spaniard tried to stop Messi’s dribble. The former Barcelona star was clearly annoyed by it.

Messi showed no sign of approval from Ramos’s apology afterward, with him angrily staring at the former Real Madrid’s defender.

It could be read on Messi’s lips that he was muttering something along the lines ‘relax’ in Spanish with Ramos.

Ramos then attempts to diffuse the situation, but Messi doesn’t reciprocate and walks off clearly annoyed.

This scene immediately reminds us all of the famous El Clasico’s minutes as the pair always had one of the most heated battles on the field.

Messi and Ramos were even close to head-butting each other, which remains to be the iconic moments of El Clasico’s history.

It is amazing to see how things have changed through time, as Ramos is now standing next to Messi in the squad full of stars of PSG.