LaLiga calls out Real Madrid for “merciless campaign” on referees

LaLiga called out Real Madrid for its “merciless campaign” against Spanish referees for the club to obtain a “competitive advantage.”


Madrid accuses referee of “negligent”

The club filed a complaint with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) against referee Juan Martinez Munuera for being “negligent.”

Madrid said Martinez failed to mention crowd chants of “Vinícius, die” from his match report against Osasuna.

To recall, Real Madrid forward Vinicius Jr. was on the receiving end of another racist abuse from Osasuna fans.

Los Blancos won the LaLiga matchup on Saturday, 4-2, with Vinicius Jr. scoring a brace.

LaLiga calls out Real Madrid

However, LaLiga said it comprehensively rejected Madrid’s claims.

In addition, the RFEF offered its “total and unconditional support” to Martinez Munuera.

“LaLiga’s Executive Commission, which met today, wishes to express its absolute rejection of the complaint that Real Madrid has made against referee [Juan] Martinez Munuera before the Disciplinary Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and express its unequivocal support for [Munuera] and, by extension, Spanish referees collectively,” it read in the statement.

“LaLiga, as part of its firm commitment to eradicating all forms of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in football, files a complaint with the RFEF’s Disciplinary Committee and with the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance regarding all those incidents which occur in matches in the First and Second Division.”

“LaLiga’s Executive Commission considers that this complaint is yet another manifestation of the merciless campaign undertaken by Real Madrid against Spanish referees, with the presumed intention of putting pressure on this group, in order to obtain a competitive advantage.

“As indicated and accredited by the Referees’ Technical Committee, Mr. Martinez Munuera’s behaviour was impeccable and was scrupulously in line with the regulations that govern refereeing. Any other interpretation that can be made of the facts is simply spurious.”

Madrid have been vocal in expressing their displeasure with the standard of refereeing in Spain this season.

ESPN reported the club’s intention to contest the red card called against Jude Bellingham in their 2-2 draw at Valencia.